"Most women lose their confidence in everyday life because of the distractions that come at them, 

FOMO made jewellery with affirmation that helps women get back in touch with their purpose, strength, and express their true confident self."


Designed by women for women. 

Each piece is created with an intention to empower and express complete self-confidence in women. 

Like you, it was easy for us to lose ourselves in the chaos and distractions of everyday life. 

Until we found a way to stay in touch with our purpose. 

To feel empowered in the beginning of our journey to reach our highest potential. 

We believe in ourselves, and the path open for us. 

We manifest everything through the jewellery that we make. 

You can manifest greatness in your life

You just have to believe and be reminded of your own purpose. 

You just have to express your true self confidence. 

For you to reach your highest potential. 

This is an invitation to stay in touch with your own purpose and strength. 





Handmade with intention in Bali. 

Designed in Bali.

Produced in Bali by our local partner artisan.

We are constructing sustainable business for the locals.

We believe that supporting local businesses and ensuring their sustainability in present times and in the future. 



FOMO unites the people that wear its piece to keep inspired and stay in touch with their own unique purpose.

We believe the world is full with abundance.

And we are here to share positivity, lift and empower each other up.

We do a movement to give back to under privilege people in Bali, by give percentage in every sales that we make.



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