27 Aug , 2018

Get to know our first island girl of #FOMOGANG — Giulia. 

We spend one sunset with one free spirited soul, talking about island life, surf and self love.

Giulia for FOMO bali interview

Where do you came from? What is your story?


I come from a very artistic family, my grand-grand father was an architect and furniture designer, my grandfather is an architect and my mum is a fashion designer so I could say that the artistic fiber is something in my blood. Arty but also a little wild.
Since I was a kid, my friends always called me “poca”, short for Pocahontas. I must say it has been my favorite Disney since I can remember. These days, it’s even become “Mimisiku the little Indian lost in the city”. Indeed, my element is the nature and above all the water, the ocean. 

I was born in Belgium which is a very small country with a pretty flat sea, so you must wonder how I started surfing.

Well, it all started in Costa Rica 6 years ago, first time I stood up on the wave, that was it, I was hooked and since then travelled all around the world to find new waves, discover new cultures, meet new people. This is what surf brings you, you get the chance to have a place to stay everywhere around the world with the friends you meet while you are traveling. 

I can now say that I live in Bali for a year and has been for me a real awakening. This island makes you feel alive and in Bali, there is always a wave ;) 



What is different here from where you came from?


Bali brings me so much more than Belgium. Here, you always meet new people, discover new cultures. In Belgium it’s always the same routine, the same bars, the same faces, you can’t do something crazy without were the entire Belgium talking about it the next day. Bali is about wilderness and freedom, finally a place where I can fully be myself without having to be scared of people judging me, in Bali I’m free. 

But most of all, my daily life is so much more exciting. The weather first of all is nothing compared to our rainy Belgium and then of course the color of the ocean, the waves, the rice fields, the jungle, it’s literally and other world and I just love it. 

My daily routine in Bali is waking up when the sun is rising, go for a surf, have a good brekky, start to get some work done and then go for another sunset surf session or sunset Bintang, then a nice dinner and off to bed early.
So much more beautiful in waking up for the sunset and the waves, then going behind a desk in front of a rainy window.



How long you have been living in Bali?


I moved in Bali in September 2017, went back home for Christmas time for work and to spend some precious time with the family and friends, which is probably the only thing I really miss by living on the other side of the planet. 

Now, for the future, who can say how long I’ll stay in Bali. Most of the people come in Bali for 2 weeks, then next year for 2 months, then the year after they say they’ll stay a couple of months and then one day you wake up, after 15 years of living in Bali and you can finally start to admit that you are a real Balinese. 

So lets see what Bali will bring me, you’ll never know, Bali is full of surprises. 




How do you ended up in Bali?


I have been traveling in Bali every year for the past 4 years, but when I came here in September 2017, I had a purpose this time. I came to launch a project with my best friend. This project is about creating objects, clothing, jewellery or anything else that comes up in the mind of our 2 wilds and creative minds. Using local materials, local techniques and local craftsmen. Endemic project is a disruption of the western standards, cultural crossing, the emergence of a new alliance between Asian materials, local techniques and contemporary artistic creations. A  perfect strong Duo with a passion for traveling and discovering new cultures and traditional techniques emerged. We travelled all around Indonesia islands to learn about the local techniques and culture, it was amazing and we learned too much. Endemic project was then born in February 2018.



What are the things that you love to do in Bali (only here) the most?


I love to surf of course and the most. The second thing I love the most is to cruise around to find some fabric shop, handcrafted objects and learn about new techniques or traditional designs. There are so many amazing and beautiful things to find in Bali and then use them in your own designs. 

But I must say I go at least once a week on my very favorite textile fabric street, you can find everything there, a real paradise. 

I also like to go try the new trendy restaurants, places that opens everyday in Bali and the cutest shops I could ever find any place else. 

Bali is such a mixed of all cultures, there is some for everyone, every style, every kind. 



What is selflove for you?


Self love for me is about being who you want to be and don’t be scared of it. Always follow your dreams and what makes you happy. There is so many opportunities in this world and things to discover, people to meet. So be free, do what makes you happy, what makes you feel confident, what makes you feel strong and good about yourself no matter what people think of it. It is for you, not for them, think of your happiness first before the others and sometimes be selfish, you deserve it. 



Favorite quotes?


“Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life”

“if you have faith, everything is possible”

I chose those 2 because I have always been a very dreamy person and I always needed to leave by those dreams. They are the ones that make me wake up in the morning and walk further everyday no matter what happens. I believe that when you are young, you should pursue them and just live your life to the fullest. 



If you ever feeling down, what is your rituals to keep you back on balance?


Grab my board and dive in the ocean. Water is my element and makes me forget about everything, when I’m sitting on my board in the water or when I take off on the wave, I have this adrenaline that makes me forget about all the bad energies and I just smile. 

Then when I get smashed on bigger waves, I just laugh. Being in the water gives me this feeling of being free. 

No one can hurt me there. 

The second thing that will always make me smile when I’m sad is : Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell “Ain’t no mountain high enough”. This is my religion. There isn’t any mountain high enough to stop me, I will always fight to get what I want and make it happen.



Model : Giulia

Photographer : Marko Ilic


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